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“Stylish Practical Comfortable Dongas From Superior Portable Cabins For All Types Of Purposes & Industries”

When you buy a Superior Portable Cabins Donga you’re buying a quality product from a quality service with years of experience in making, supplying and delivering dongas.

From the city to the outback, to tourism, mining and construction, Superior Portable Cabins dongas are practical, affordable and high quality, which makes them an investment in your business.

With a range of portable site office dongas and accommodation, Superior Portable Cabins can modify the design of any donga you’d like for whatever your needs are.

Of course, having the right portable accommodation or donga will also benefit your staff, their morale and their productivity.

That’s why Superior Portable Cabins has you covered and provides a range of dongas built to last, and backed by our exclusive Built To Last and Price guarantees.

This protects you against your portable building frame warping or rotting for 25 years, guarantees the frame being structurally sound for 10 years, and we guarantee that the price we quote is the price it costs, so there are no hidden fees.

Customer Notice – you may see used or new granny flats & portable buildings for sale without a steel frame.

This can result in your portable building frame twisting while it is being transported and possible termite infestation, and in most cases you will be the one responsible for any damage or repairs, not the supplier. For peace of mind, find out more and insist on a steel framed portable building with a structural guarantee.


How your donga comes to life in five easy stages

Stage 1 – Steel Base – The steel base of your donga or portable building is delivered


Stage 2 – Next, assembly of your steel roofing and walls takes place


Stage 3 – Your donga or portable is assembled as per your order


Stage 4 – After that, delivery of your donga or portable building takes place


Stage 5 – Final construction of your donga is finished